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Equipping the generations to embrace their transformed identity in Christ.


Generational Unity:

We partner across generations to fulfill God's purpose for our church. 

Kingdom Identity:

We deeply value knowing our identity in Christ, empowering us to walk in obedience to His purpose.

Gospel Transformation:

Recognizing the power in the Gospel, we are committed to continual transformation into the individuals God created us to be.

Empowering Culture:

We foster a culture where believers are empowered in the gifts of the Spirit as well as practically in their strengths.

Community Driven:

Embracing the power of community, we 'do life together,' supporting one another through all stages of life.

Future Generations:

We take responsibility for empowering and equipping future generations; influencing the world through education and empowerment.

Compassionate Outreach:

Compassion is our immediate response, coming alongside hurting people so that no one suffers alone.

Pursuit of Excellence:

We pursue excellence in every aspect of our stewardship, taking ownership of what God has entrusted to us.

Generosity Lifestyle:

Acknowledging God as the source of all, we partner with Him through generous giving, both in tithes and to our community.

Active Participation:

We actively engage, taking ownership of the blessings God has provided, pouring into the kingdom rather than merely consuming.

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