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About Discipleship Mentoring
  • Trusting Jesus Christ as our personal Savior is foundational to the Christian life, however growing and maturing in our commitment to Christ determines its impact on our lives and the lives of those around us. God's plan for each believer's life is only fully realized as we become fully devoted followers of Jesus and develop lasting patterns of maturity. Discipleship is about Spiritual Formation. It is designed to build your faith through acquiring knowledge, skills, devotion and a disposition that will enable you to achieve your God given destiny.  Discipleship is a catalyst that enables believers to experience a breakthrough in Spiritual Life

The Process
  • The utilization of discipleship material that develops learning skills such as critical thinking, inductive bible study methods and is student centered in its approach. It therefore takes into account the various ways individuals learn by incorporating a combination of instructional methods such as group interaction, small group mentoring and mini retreats.

Designed for
  • new believers

  • those who recommit their lives to Christ

  • older Christians who want a deeper discipleship experience

  • those who want to effectively disciple others


For questions, contact Pastor Jeff  @

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